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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kate's Cake

Three days of baking and icing have finally come to an end! I had a blast tweaking homemade cake recipes and icing techniques. Here are some pictures of my work. I think it took me a total of 16 hours. Keep in mind I made 100 cupcakes and a mini cake. I'm including grocery store runs in my time! I didn't think I could go through 4 boxes of butter...


  1. Those look great! Did you use the Wilton D2 tip on the cupcakes? I just got that tip this past week...
    The cake looks sophisticated and the monogrammed discs look nice!

  2. Thank you so much! If I'm not mistaken, I used a leaf decorating tip - #115. It reminded me of a ballerina skirt. I was going to use a large star tip and make a huge swirl on top, but I wound up trying the other first and it worked out well! I'm slowly builing my cake enventory. I bought a Martha Stewart kit many years ago so that's what I've been using.

  3. Omg I LOVE your cupcake frosting! What kind of tip did you use?

  4. Thanks so much! I used a large leaf tip out of the Martha Stewart tip collection. I just randomly fluffed it onto the cupcake!