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Sunday, May 23, 2010

David and Julie's Wedding

Wow. Okay, so I just made it through my first wedding and groom's cake. I'm not 100% that I would have taken on something like this had it not been for the most awesome couple in the whole world. Cheers to my brother for marrying such an awesome gal!

I must say that the hardest part was the weather. It was about 90 degrees inside a barn. Having a fondant cake with buttercream icing = me freaking out. It wound up being great. I absolutely loved making the armadillo cake. The wedding cake was a huge challenge. I think the hardest part was figuring out how many layers were in each tier and how many cakes to actually bake. I also had to guess how many rose petals and how much icing and fondant I would need to make. I worked a little on it everyday. I'd say preparing 2 cakes for one event on the same day is challenging. I definitely do NOT have great time management skills but I'm managed to rock this. Enjoy the pics! The wedding cake was lemon and the armadillo was appropriately red velvet.